Vandal resistant architectural,

high abuse, confinement and

healthcare lighting

Pole Manufacturer

Linear and architectural lighting

Recessed and suspended architectural lighting

Line Card

Linear Lighting

Fashionable and Affordable Decorative Lighting

Exit and emergency lighting

(Not Available in El Paso)

Emergency lighting

Linear systems, wall, pendant & recessed

Architectural Downlighting

HIgh Output Specification Grade LED Lighting

Interior and exterior architectural lighting

Decorative Lighting

Rough service/explosion proof lighting

Life safety

Decorative Low Voltage Cable and Pendants

Landscape Lighting

LED replacement bulbs and fixtures

Landscape lighting

Medical facility lighting

Customizable Decorative Lighting

Lighting Solutions for Museums, Retail, and Architectural Environments

LED and Induction lighting

Commercial and architectural lighting**

Architectural outdoor/In-grade lighting

Exterior architectural lighting

Accent and architectural lighting

Linear LED lighting

Scalable, Flexible LED Light Source

Linear lighting

Flexible spec grade LED systems

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting Systems

Interior and exterior architectural lighting

Industrial - Commercial - Outdoor

Decorative Lighting

Innovative recessed, surface, and suspended LED products.

Energy efficient lighting

Architectural outdoor lighting

Theatrical lighting and controls

Linear Architectural Lighting

Contemporary decorative lighting

Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Docklight, LED, Floodlight, Area, Linear, Hazardous, and Explosion Proof

Best value lighting

Fashionable and Affordable Decorative Lighting

Craftsman Style Lighting

Recessed, track and specialty lighting

Customizable Architectural Lighting


Architectural Linear LED

European designed architectural lighting

LED Lighting and Lamps

Custom Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Linear LED lighting

Smart Fans

Custom Lighting Solutions

Decorative lighting

Fiber optic lighting

Decorative architectural lighting

Architectural lighting

Landscape Lighting

Traditional and vintage exterior lighting

Solid State Lighting and Control Systems

Power and emergency lighting

Decorative indoor/outdoor lighting

Simple, precise, efficient lighting

Indoor and outdoor LED lighitng

AZZ Rig-a-lite

Cold cathode systems

Solid state lighting and control systems

Low Volume Custom Lighting

LED Linear Lighting

Innovative lighting solutions

Step light, rail lighting, custom lighting

High Power, Technology Driven LED Lamps

Solar Powered LED Lighting

Premier Outdoor Lighting

Custom low voltage lighting